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The disruption of Covid-19 on vehicle production plants and factory workers, combined with shipping and transport shortages, quarantine issues, and a shortage of essential vehicle components such as semi-conductor microchips and other parts that have reduced production at present, are all contributing to supply shortages and delays. On top of this, new model launches, growing popularity and awareness of the Ram brand in Australia, and a shift from overseas travel to domestic travel, have seen us experience unprecedented demand for our product.

We understand this is frustrating for our customers, as it is for our entire industry, and throughout the journey we may experience setbacks, resulting in changes in vehicle ETA’s. We appreciate your continued patience throughout these times and encourage our customers to please:

  • Contact your local dealer for updates, and assistance – they will have the latest and most up to date information available. Sometimes that information may be ‘no change’ or ‘no update’ so we appreciate your patience. When new information becomes available, they will be able to pass on the details
  • Remember that if something has changed, there’s likely a valid reason behind it and that sometimes these changes are out of both the dealer’s and or our control
  • Try to remain patient whilst we work to manage the increased complexity around vehicle supply and distribution, whilst operating under lockdown conditions in some areas and changed work environments

We thank all of our customers for their patience and assure you that our teams, both here and overseas, are working daily to try and minimize the impact, juggle the challenges, and find the best possible outcomes and solutions. 

Helpful links

Vehicle ETA or Delivery Enquiry: https://www.ramtrucks.com.au/vehicle-delivery/

Find a dealer: https://www.ramtrucks.com.au/locate-a-dealer/

Contact us: https://www.ramtrucks.com.au/contact/

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